We think that you should know about us. Our company would like to present our current production on this website and provide for you the better avaibility of our products by this way. We are concerned with hand-made production and sale of original leather belts. Their originality consist in unique connection of two materials – the high quality of ox-hide and valuable metal – silver, from whom are made the buckles to the belts. Every buckle retains own form, piece individuality, variety of ornamentation as well as in the ancient past and keep ancient character. These replications are true prints of ancient buckles which decorated clothes and appointed position in the society a long time ago. Today they can also become your dress accessory or jewel. Buckles are equipped with our trade-mark Aa and hall-mark silver alloy 925. Currently we are presenting our first collection of belts with silver buckles. We extended area of our activity with other products – pictures, plastics, oil-painting graphics – that you can find under icon ART and something for your pets – under icon ANIMAL . The job-order manufacture is situated in sections AAGROUP. Are you interested in our products and cooperation with us? Do not hesitate to contact us via email. With kind regards , mail: